March-Kanata 2019 Ice Show Fundraising

At March-Kanata, as we plan for the Ice Show, we focus on keeping costs reasonable.  We keep the ticket cost low and, show to show, we reuse as many costumes as possible.  What was a sunflower one year may be a lollipop in the future!  We want the skaters to have a blast and still present to you a professional program.  To achieve this goal we require assistance from our friends in the community.


Attached is a fundraising letter that you can use to approach businesses in the area, where you work or people you know.  Every little bit helps.  Besides a monetary donation we would love to receive gift cards for purchases of supplies.  We have over 550 members in our club.  Can you imagine if everyone approached the same business?  In order to prevent this please send a quick email to indicating who you are contacting.

Ice show fund raising letter

A follow up email to let us know the results would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks everyone for helping out with this very important task.


Ice Show Committee 2019

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