Lea Sternthal (Canskate Coach)

Email: leastern15@hotmail.com


Number of Years of Coaching Experience:

Program Assistant for 5 years.
First year coaching at March Kanata Skating Club



I believe that learning to skate is possible for anyone at any age. Skating is an enjoyable sport that can be shared with friends and family. Being a Canskater can build skills and confidence
and make great memories. The smile on a Canskater’s face when they realize that they can skate fast or jump over a line is truly inspirational and rewarding for me as a coach. I strive to
make Canskate as fun as possible for everyone.



To coach Canskate



  • NCCP Skate Canada Canskate (in-training)
  • Standard First Aid / CPR C / AED
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Ottawa (Expected Graduation in 2025)


Professional Highlights:

  • Star 5 skills
  • Competed in many Ottawa & Gatineau skating competitions