Music Playing Policy

Music is an integral part of figure skating. Music is essential for warm up, stroking/conditioning sessions, solos and ice dance. At Mlacak Arena, we are fortunate to have a heated music room overlooking the ice surface where the music players work with the coaches on ice to play music for each STARSkate session.


We rely on the families and friends of our Skaters to play music on their Skater’s sessions. Music duties are usually done by a skater’s parents, however skaters, grandparents, siblings and friends often help out as well. How often each Skater is responsible for playing music is dependent on how many sessions they skate on and how many other skaters are skating on these sessions.


To share the Music Playing responsibility and to minimize the burden on families of Skaters who skate on our less populated sessions, we have limited the number of times that each Skater is responsible for playing music to twice per session, per season.


2019/2020 Season Music Requirements:

  • Once you determine the sessions for which you are registering your skater, please go into the Music Sign-up Sheet and sign-up to play music twice on each session that your skater will be skating.
  • If one of the sessions on which your skater is skating is full and it is possible for you to play music on another session instead please sign-up to play for that session instead…
  • Please note that while we have set the minimum requirement at twice per session, if each skater only plays twice, we will not have music for all sessions. Once everyone has signed-up for the minimum number of sessions, you will receive an appeal to register for additional sessions if possible.

To sign up for your shifts and/or to check the schedule, please click on the button on the right.


If you have any questions please contact the STARSkate Director at