Frequently Asqued Questions for Canskate:

  1. What are the Age limits for the CanSkate programs?

    • Age 3, please register for the Preschool CanSkate Program offering 25 min group lessons per class.
    • Age 4 to 11, please register for the CanSkate program offering 50 min group lesson per class.
    • Age 12 to 14, please register for either the regular CanSkate session or Adult/Teen sessions offering 50 min lesson per class.
    • Age 18 and up, please register for the Adult sessions offering 50 min lesson per class



  1. For a skater who has some previous skating experience, how do we decide which level we should register in?Answer:  At the time of registration, please let us now if your child has been on the ice before and if they can move autonomously.   Pre-School CanSkate is for preschool children (age 3) or those that may need more nurturing.  CanSkate is not necessarily for skaters that have been on the ice before but that are able to follow simple instructions.  Skaters that are new to the program, but can skate, will be sorted to an appropriate group within the first two weeks.  For information on CanSkate levels 1 to 6, please see: Learn-to-Skate-Programs-Overview.
    Note that both Pre-Junior and StarSkate programs need coach recommendations.



  1. How big is the class? Where are they held?
    Answer: We try to limit the groups to 10 or fewer skaters with a ratio of at least one coach or one program assistant per 10 skaters. All classes are held on the ice surface at the Mlacak Arena, 2500 Campeau Dr., Kanata, ON, K2K 2W3.



  1. What are the rules on wearing a helmet?
    Answer: For anyone who is at CanSkate badge 5 level and below, a CSA approved hockey helmet is mandatory.



  1. What should my child wear to lessons?
    Answer: All you need are skates, a CSA-approved hockey helmet, long pants, mittens, warm sweater or jacket.   Dress in layers – it will get warm!  And have fun!   There might be theme days when they are encouraged to wear special costumes.



  1. Are parents required to stay at the arena?
    Answer:  yes, parents are required to stay at the arena in case their child needs any attention or help.  The coaches and program assistants do not have the ability to take children to the bathroom.



  1. Who will help my child? Who are PAs?
    Answer: CanSkate skaters are led by coaches and Program Assistants (PAs). PAs are usually skaters who have been at the March Kanata Skating Club for a few years, are 11+ years old, trained by our Professional Coaches and can help



  1. How many CanSkate badges are there?
    Answer: There are Six CanSkate Badges. Successful CanSkate members will receive ribbons for each of the fundamental movements of Agility, Balance and Control at each of the six stages.



  1. Do I get a refund if my child withdraws from the program?
    Answer:  Program fees will be refunded on a prorated basis and only with a written request.  No refunds will be processed after four scheduled lessons from the skater’s registration date.  Prorated medical refunds will be accepted with appropriate medical documentation.



  1. Is there an end of session show? Is participation mandatory? Is there an extra cost?
    Answer:  The March Kanata Skating Club hosts an ice show on uneven years. There is no extra cost for the skater to participate in the show. The audience pays an entrance fee to watch the show. Participation is not mandatory, but it is a great opportunity for your child to build some wonderful memories and showcase his/her skating abilities.The next ice show will be held during the Spring of 2019