Coaches and Skaters


This can be one of the most difficult and wonderful teams to build.  A coach can be a teacher, confidante, cheerleader, task master and friend.  Each coach and each skater are unique.  When you are looking for a coach for your skater try to find the best match.  There are some important points to take into consideration

  1. Coaching Qualifications: Skate Canada coaches are trained by NCCP.  The first level is a CanSkate coach.  With continued studies, testing, experience and success a coach can move through the levels Regional, Provincial and finally National coach.  What accomplishments does the coach have?  Such as STARSkate levels, competing at Regional, Provincial or National competitions, other Senior or Professional achievements.
  2. Years of experience: How long has the coach been coaching?  What successes have his/her students enjoyed.  Completing STARSkate levels or competing at a high level? At Sectionals, Provincials etc.
  3. Philosophy: Do the coach and your skater share the same vision for skating and the method to achieve that vision.
  4. Availability: Is the coach available for the day(s) and time(s) you would like skate.  How many students does the coach have on the session?  Will your skater be able to have the private, semi-private or group lessons they want or need to progress in this sport?
  5. Rates: Each coach establishes their own rate.  The rate should be in correlation to the coach’s qualifications and experience.


Sometimes no matter how carefully you try to make the right selection things may not be working out as you planned. Talk to your coach and try to realign your plans for success.  Perhaps adding different types of lessons, private vs. group, might help.  Perhaps adding sessions with another coach might help. Perhaps moving to another day and time might help.  If all else fails, you have the right to select a new base coach for your skater.  Please follow these steps:

  1. Inform your current coach that you will be changing coaches
  2. Contact and secure another base coach following the same criteria above
  3. Request and pay all your current coach’s outstanding bills before the first lesson scheduled with a new base coach
  4. Inform the STARSkate Director of the change.


Coaches are not allowed to solicit skaters by offering their services to you so if you are looking for a coach you need to reach out to them directly.


As skaters grow, they may need to move to a different coach who can offer the training they require.  This is a normal occurrence and handled properly will be beneficial for the skater.  Our coaches are professionals and they deserve to be treated with respect and honesty in all interactions.


Please find below the bios of our coaches!