Special Dates

CANSkate Special Days 2018/2019

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Canskate Calendar 2018-2019

STARSkate Calendar 2018-2019

Meet the Coaches week

October 3-7

Meet the CanSkate coaches and PAs in the last 10 minutes of class. PreCanSkaters stay on the ice until the end of their class.

Dress Up week

October 24-29

Skaters wear orange and black, dress up or wear Hallowe’en costumes. Circuits are Hallowe’en themed. Hallowe’en music. Play Hallowe’en games.

Stuffed toy Picnic

November 14-18

Skaters bring their favourite stuffed toy to skate with. Circuits are theme based on stuffed toy picnic. Play themed games

Holiday fun & games

Dec 16-22

Skaters wear red and green or holiday themed outfit. Mini challenges.

Winter Wonderland

Jan 16-20

Skaters wear blue. Circuits will be winter wonderland themed.

Valentine’s week

Feb 8-14

Skaters wear red or pink. Circuits will be Valentine themed.

Last day of fun and games

March 21-27

Games set up.